Candid Shots at our Ayala Exhibit

They came, they paused, pivoted around, looked and stared, then turned to walk towards the items. They tiptoed, craned their necks, stretched their arms bent their spine or knelt to look and feel high and low. They touched the items to feel the texture and tried to guess what the boats and the houses, the creatures of land, sea and air were made of. One thing was certain, it wasn't just paints on these paintings.

They took photos of the items as well as selfies and group pictures against the items. They must have posted on facebook cause the news had gone to third parties. A lot of who came too.

They asked a lot of questions to which our artists replied.

And everybody heaped a whole lot of praises on the new line: Wow - Awesome - Unique - New - Beautiful - Creative - Imaginative etc, etc ...

We took pictures as testimony to how they must have felt. Hover or click over the thumbnails and see for yourself what we saw.

Then come see the items for yourselves at our next show at the
SM City this Dec 19 to 26, 2017.

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